Closed-Domain Question Answering System

Design, implementation and testing of a question answering system in the form of a chatbot

For the final project in the course ‘Conversational Agents’, I built a question answering (QA) system in a team with three other students. The QA-system takes questions about the Eiffel Tower as input and returns suitable answers. Answers are stored in a tree structure and were manually mapped to summarizing keywords, which form the nodes of the tree structure. Continue reading “Closed-Domain Question Answering System”

Dancing Robots Project

Together with three other students, I built a dancing robot system during our half-year Human Media Interaction Project course. The project aims at creating a co-creative interaction between humans and robots through developing a dance together, which the robot carries out in real-time. Continue reading “Dancing Robots Project”

Brain Diver

Design, implementation and testing of a brain-computer interface (BCI) game

Together with two fellow students, I built a BCI-controlled 2D treasure hunt game. Steady-state visual evoked potentials (SSVEP) are used for game control. Continue reading “Brain Diver”