I’m Hannah and I’m a PhD student at Linköping University. I am part of the Non-Lexical Vocalizations Group and I study how people orient to all kinds of non-lexical sounds (e.g. “wow”s, “uh”s, “dudidu”s) produced by a robot. My supervisors are Prof. Leelo Keevallik and Prof. Mathias Broth.

At the moment I am mostly working with Cozmo, a cute toy robot inspired by Pixar’s Wall-E. I focus on emotional displays by the robot and how humans interpret them in everyday interaction in their homes.


I hold a BSc in Cognitive Science from University of Osnabrück and a MSc cum laude in Interaction Technology from University of Twente. Throughout my master studies, I worked as a student research assistant for Prof. Karola Pitsch at University of Duisburg-Essen. In 2017, I spent half a year in the Robots in Groups Lab at Cornell University supervised by Dr. Malte Jung, studying how surgical robots affect teamwork in the operating room. Since November 2018, I am a PhD student at Linköping University.