*Hej is the most common greeting in Swedish.

I’m Hannah and I’m a PhD student in the Non-Lexical Vocalizations Group at Linköping University in Sweden. My supervisors are Prof. Leelo Keevallik and Prof. Mathias Broth. I work at the intersection of conversation analysis and human-computer interaction and study robots in everyday interaction with humans.

My PhD research focuses on robot sounds. I analyse how humans interpret robot sounds in real-world environments and how sound can support coordination of human and robot bodies. I mostly work with video data and multimodal transcripts to analyse interaction on a moment-by-moment basis.

My current projects involve Cozmo robots in family homes and autonomous buses in regular traffic. I have previously published on the DaVinci surgical system and on the Nao robot. My work contributes to the design of human-friendly robots that respect human interaction practices and thereby are more intuitive to interact with.

Short Bio

Hannah has a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from University of Osnabrück and a Master of Science cum laude in Interaction Technology from University of Twente. She worked as a student research assistant for Prof. Karola Pitsch at University of Duisburg-Essen and was a visiting researcher in Dr. Malte Jung‘s Robots in Groups Lab at Cornell University during the 2017 fall semester. Since November 2018, she is a PhD student at Linköping University.