Popular Science

I love to engage with the general public. Among others, I have presented

I was invited to give a public Strimman lecture on AI in Society together with professor Ericka Johnson.


Robots for the Rest of Us. The reason voice-activated devices favor male voices is probably not as simple as you’d think – 2021

LiU Magasin De studerar vårt samspel i detalj | They examine our interaction in detail – 2020

University of Twente Alumna Interaction Technology – 2020

University of Twente – Germany Portal Erfahrungsbericht der ehemaligen UT Studentin Hannah Pelikan – 2020

Cornell Chronicle  Study explores how robots in the operating room impact teamwork – 2018

Elektronik Tidningen Lägger roboten under språkvetarnas mikroskop – 2018

Christliches Radio München DENKmal (radio interview, recording available upon request) – 2018