Please see the latest version of my CV here (last updated: February 12, 2021).

Current Community Engagement

  • reviewer for CSCW, CHI, HRI, NordiCHI, CUI
  • host of the interdisciplinary AI & Society seminar at Linköping University
  • co-founder of the EMCA & AI network
  • co-host of the AI in Interaction data sessions


  • Telepräsenz Seminar: Universität Duisburg-Essen
  • E-hälsa: visioner och verktyg (TBMI04) – lecture on robots in healthcare
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (721G28) – seminars
  • Perspektiv på informationsteknologi (TDDD39) – tutor/handledare


I love to engage with the general public. Among others, I have presented my research: